Modeling insights for many stakeholders


Context-dependent predictions of adverse medical events for customized patient alerting.

Patient empowerment through direct reporting.

Giving patients insights to the systemic factors.


Actionable insights on the determinants of health outcome for patient populations.

Risk stratification and large-scale projections.

Improved data collection and customized insights.


Models to forecast healthcare utilization in the context of patient-specific risk stratification and population epidemiology.

Performance metrics for entities within the healthcare system in the context of relevant outcomes.


Explicitly interpretable AI solutions

Artificial intelligence should increase transparency in healthcare.

mederrata is dedicated to using thoughtful intelligence approaches for providing sensible and human-understandable predictions for all shareholders.

In our models, we can tell you exactly how a prediction is derived and not just what the uncertainty in the prediction is, but also exactly what is contributing to uncertainty.

Through our models and their predictions, we seek to facilitate patient-provider collaboration to improve health outcomes and reduce costs.

Innovative modeling approaches

We don’t use cookie-cutter solutions. We mine our expertise of both classical statistical and contemporary machine learning approaches in developing models that synthesize the advantages of both worlds.